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The Story of Roland Robin

With the ongoing lock down, kids can be scared as well as bored. God has told us that. “He uses all things together for good.” So my husband wrote the following story for our grandson Jacob to explain how hard times and fearful times can lead to something unexpected and wonderful.

Roland Robin

Roland's first memories were mostly confusion and helplessness. Something was confining him, but he couldn't see what it was. It was dark, but he knew nothing else. Yet he felt compelled to lash out against that something that held him powerless. So, he thrashed and pecked at the darkness, feeling that there just had to be something better. He'd thrash and peck until he became too weak and fell asleep. Then he would awaken and start all over again. This was repeated over and over again with no clue as to what was happening, why he was doing it or to where it would lead. He awoke once again, still confused, but this time something was different. He saw a tiny speck of light. He didn't know what it was, or even how it was that he could see it. But it was so mysterious and beautiful that he started pecking at it. The more he pecked at it the larger it grew. He became tired again, but refused to go back to sleep. What ever it was, he was drawn to it. And finally his pecking and thrashing were rewarded with an enormous glow of light. What was going on? Then he blinked. He didn't know why or even how. He blinked again and saw something move. He had no idea what it was, it was so blurry. So he blinked again and again. Then there it was. Immediately he somehow knew it was his Mommy. He really didn't know what Mommy was but sensed it to be something good, very good. He was so tired that he finally fell into a pleasant warm sleep. When he awoke he could clearly see her. Was it a her? What in the world was a her? A movement next to him caused him to turn his head, He didn't know how to do that, it just happened somehow. Next to him was another whatever that he knew was another of himself. whatever that was. It was his sister. Didn't know what a sister was, but she was very cute and friendly. Friendly at least until Mommy showed up with a big worm, whatever that was. Then it was every sibling for himself. She got most of it, but left a little piece for Roland. Sibling rivalry had begun. Days went by, light and dark, and life was good. Mommy was gone a lot, but always returned with another worm or some whatever it was to feed them. Yes, life was good.... until that day when a giant whatever it was invaded their nest. Mommy tried to fight it off but it was too big. He watched as the whatever flew off with his sister clutched in its beak. He never saw his sister again. That made Roland very sad. But life returned to normal and Roland began strutting around the nest. He watched as Mommy flapped her wings at him as if he should be doing the same. So he flapped his but never seemed to rise out of the nest like Mommy.  But, he kept trying. It was hard work. Why didn't Mommy just take him with her? Then one day the giant whatever returned and a battle ensued. In the chaos of the fight Roland was knocked out of the nest. He flapped his wings but still plunged to the ground, landing in a patch of soft grass. Roland was scared and began to tweet hoping his Mommy would hear him and come to his rescue. And she did. She sheltered him under her wing, leaving only to fetch another meal. She stayed with him day and night and life, once again was good. Then one dark night a fearful kind of whatever showed up snarling. Roland was frightened and Mommy shoved him back into a brier bush. The battle was viscous and short, then silence. When the morning came Roland's Mommy was gone, only a few bloody feathers remained. His little heart was broken. But there was little time for mourning. That nasty whatever came back for Him. It kept grabbing at Roland, but couldn't reach him in the sharp briers, so it finally left. Roland was lonely and scared, afraid that the whatever would come back again. Then he remembered how Mommy used to calm him with a song. So Roland began tweeting out that same song. All of a sudden another whatever heard him and reached through the briers and pulled him out. Roland was terrified, especially when the whatever lifted him up to his face as if to devour him. But instead he whispered, "Poor little guy. I'll take you home with me where you'll be safe". Now Roland didn't understand what he said, but sensed that he had a new friend. So Billy, that was his name, did take him home and raised him. They became best friends and both grew up at Billy's house on Jay Bird street. Roland tweeted his Mommy's song every day to everyone on the block. He didn't have any idea that he'd be famous one day, but that's what happened. Billy became a musician and singer. His first big hit was:

* Rockin Robin*

All the little birds on Jay Bird street love to hear the Robin going Tweet,Tweet, Tweet, Rockin Robin......Rockin Robin Tweet, Rockin Robin Tweet Tweet Every little sparrow,
Every chickadee, loved to hear the Robin in the big oak tree, Rockin Robin Tweet Tweet Rockin Robin Tweet Tweet.

And they're still singing that same song today.

God truly does use all things together for good (Romans 8: 28}

If you want to hear the original song go to U Tube and search for:

or, Just tap this link.